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Street Toyota of Amarillo, TX Blog

Should you change what type of motor oil you use?

Is change necessary?

Conventional oil is a petroleum based lubricant that has been utilized since cars were invented practically. This lubricant allows the car to function with less friction meaning less heat. This friction also produces wear at an accelerated pace, and this wear can damage an engine as soon as the lubricant is no longer effective. Synthetic oils were produced to be effective at lubricating the engine much longer than its natural counterpart.


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Routine Car Maintenance Can Help You Avoid Unplanned Repairs

The noises that come out under the hood of your vehicle can indicate some mechanical problems. If you hear something unusual coming from the engine block, brakes or other major components, you should immediately take your car to a certified repair shop.

Fortunately, routine automotive maintenance can prevent such spontaneous and unplanned visits. For example, an oil change that's done on regular intervals can prevent breakdown of the engine. Replacements of drive belts and serpentine belts could also keep the power-train running smoothly and quietly.

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How The 2017 Toyota Corolla Keeps You Safe

So, you’re on the fence about finding a new Toyota Corolla for sale. We get it — buying a new car is a huge decision, and you want to make sure you get it right the first time.

Here at Street Toyota, we want to help you decide. A lot goes into picking the perfect car, but one of the biggest factors is safety, and you may be wondering: are Toyota Corollas safe?

Short answer…

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The 2017 Toyota Prius is the Cars.com Eco-Friendly Car of the Year

Environmentalism and a solid ride don't have to be at odds with each other in Amarillo. Not every car has to guzzle gas on the daily commute, but not every environmentally conscious vehicle has to be impractical either. How do we know? Because we have the 2017 Toyota Prius, recently named the 2017 Eco-Friendly Car of the Year by Cars.com.

The Prius impresses in multiple area.

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2017 Toyota Highlander: The Real Batmobile

Over time, virtually all of the populations of organisms on planet earth have slowly but surely evolved in such a way as to improve their ability to thrive and survive. Every species of animal that currently exists has some feature or set of features that contribute to helping it survive in the face of both the elements and predators.

Us humans are no exception. And while it might not technically classify as evolution, the inventions of man have, over time, expanded and improved to help us navigate life with greater ease, safety, and success.

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