Pat on the Backs

“Andrew Spring I called concerned that a repair was not done correctly. The Service Manager sent Andrew out to my home to double check my oil level. It was fine. Andrew was professional, courteous and restored my trust in Street Toyota. Great Job Andrew.”


“Edward Jordan Always takes care of the family and I. Thanks Edward!”



Linda “Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful!! She made my week. So loving, careful (if that is the word)  She took care of everyone that came in!! Most accommodating person I have ever met.  Thank you for employing her.          – W


Lionel “Patient and thorough with me and careful to make sure all my needs and concerns were met with satisfaction.  Great customer experience today!!    – W


Rebekah “Very personable and considerate.  Pleasant and concerned that I was pleased with my service.     -W


Dear Mike,I

I never had the pleasure of meeting you, but would like to tell you how pleased I am with your service department! Here is the reason why:

Around noon on July 14 during our road trip from Houston to Utah my daughters Toyota Sequoia regulator went out and since we did not want to take the risk of burning up the computer with unregulated current, we decided it needed to be fixed in Amarillo. With only half a day left and the replacement taking 4 hours, we frantically started looking for some one that could get it done before the end of the day. My daughter was convinced that Toyota dealer was the last place she wanted to take the car due to a high cost of labor, etc. I too had my doubts but thought who better than a Toyota Dealer who works on Toyota’s all the time to get the job done quickly and efficiently. So after a few phone calls to 3rd party mechanics, I called Street Toyota and talked with John Tait and explained our predicament. He gave me a quote and said he would stick to it and promised he would get us back on the road by 6 pm. AND HE DID. I couldn’t find John to thank him in person after my daughter got her car back (although she said she was able too when she picked up the car while I was watching my 4 grandchildren). Please thank him for me. John has rekindled my desire to use more Toyota dealership service departments in the future.

Thank you so much for your excellent and HONEST service.


Perry Dobson