Should you change what type of motor oil you use?

February 16th, 2017 by


Is change necessary?

Conventional oil is a petroleum based lubricant that has been utilized since cars were invented practically. This lubricant allows the car to function with less friction meaning less heat. This friction also produces wear at an accelerated pace, and this wear can damage an engine as soon as the lubricant is no longer effective. Synthetic oils were produced to be effective at lubricating the engine much longer than its natural counterpart.

However, how much longer is necessary, and even if it produces less friction for an extended period of time, is it even compatible with your car? You have these questions because your car is such a large investment that you want to do everything possible to care for the vehicle properly. This type of professional service can be obtained most trustingly from our dealership's service center. Simply mention your concerns at your next scheduled maintenance visit.

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