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The 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was the perfect chance for automakers to show off all the innovative projects they have been working on. Each January, this industry show in Las Vegas gives us a sneak peek at how companies are trying to change the world. In recent years, car manufacturers have taken up more and more space on the show floor.

Toyota used this chance to show off their Concept-i, a solid step toward the future of affordable autonomous driving.

Meet the Toyota Concept-i, A Friend from the Future

With the Concept-i, Toyota aimed to design a vehicle capable of autonomous travel that is still fun to drive. The Concept-i offers a view of the future, showing off what Toyota predicts the automotive world will look like in 2030.

Instead of starting by designing the body and working their way inside, Toyota did the opposite. Toyota designers at their Southern California facility worked on this vehicle by starting with the cockpit. By doing so, they were able to place greater emphasis on the driver and a new AI system called “Yui.”

In a very unique move, Toyota chose to let the AI system, Yui, “live” in the center of the dashboard, while still being able to move around to other screens in the vehicle. The AI system is watchful, with a touch interface and haptic feedback. Yui also projects active notifications onto the windshield using a heads-up display. That means when you’re in control of the car, Yui can still talk to you without taking your eyes off the road.

You’ll notice that unlike some other autonomous car concepts, the Concept-i retains a steering wheel, giving you the choice of being a driver or a passenger. When you choose to take the wheel, the AI system will still work hard, monitoring your attention and stepping in if necessary.

The Concept-i’s exterior has a sleek wedge shaped design and scissor doors. The lighting accents that spread throughout the vehicle enhance its futuristic feel. Throughout the design process, the team focused on “Kinetic Warmth,” resulting in a passionate and intriguing vehicle.

Check out Toyota’s Futuristic Lineup Right Now

While Toyota is constantly looking toward the future, they still have incredible technology available in their vehicles at the moment. From infotainment like Entune to safety such as the Toyota Safety Sense system, you will find an incredible range of tech on the current Toyota lineup. Get a feel for the currently available technology on Toyotas at Street Toyota in Amarillo, Texas.

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