Discover More in the 2017 Prius Prime

May 17th, 2016 by

2017 Prius (1)
With the latest introduction from Toyota, you can put limits in the rearview mirror and alleviate the trips you make to the pump. The 2017 Prius Prime features Toyota’s first dual-motor drive system that allows drivers to drive on pure electricity, gas or both.

Beginning fall 2016, you can maximize your efficiency without worrying about range. And, when the battery runs out, the Prius Prime seamlessly shifts back into hybrid mode — for more moments and miles. Just how many miles? The next-generation Prius is projected to offer 120 mpge, 22 miles of all-electric driving and 600-plus-miles of total range. We told you it would save you trips to the pump. Inside, the Prius Prime boasts a first-class driving experience with a four-seat layout, tablet-style display, LED lighting and an aerodynamic shape for the most efficiency out of every drive.

To inquire about availability and pricing while you wait for the Prius Prime to join our new inventory, contact our Toyota enthusiasts at 888-237-5761.

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