Pat on the Backs

Victor- You have the nicest people working here! And your waiting area is exceptional!! Love bringing my car in!     -S

Kari- Mr. Good, Kari is an absolute pleasure to work with. She goes above and beyond to help make sure we are able to serve our customers in excellent fashion. I just wanted you to know what an asset she is to your service team & this organization!     -P

Linda- She greeted everybody excellent, she is the best I have seen in 10 years I have been buying cars from Street Toyota. I have bought about 20 autos from you out of Logan, NM.     -A

Bonnie- She does a super job as concierge every time I come in. Thank you and HER for this great service to your loyal customers!!!     -M

Marshall & Chris Clark- Bought 3 cars over the years and know these 2 guys are the best!     -P

Linda- Linda is the reason we came to the dealership and bought the 4Runner.    -P

Zak- Prompt attention for auto repair. Kept me well informed throughout the process and David in the shop also is good. All employees were professional. Did not see any idleness in the store.     -J

Linda- Linda is absolutely wonderful! I drove all the way from Albuquerque, NM to get my car serviced and I’m so glad I came here. Please praise Linda for her work ethics and uplifting personality. Thank you!     -A

Linda- I love having Linda greet me when I come to visit Toyota. She brightens the place and is so pleasant.     -T

Steve- Took wonderful care of us- showed us everything about the car.     -J

Linda- She has gone above and beyond anything I’ve ever seen as far as customer service. She makes sure that each individual is greeted, refreshed w/ refreshments if needed and just genuinely cares. She made a point to visit with everyone that came in. So impressed with her service. Good Job!     -T

Derick- outstanding job. Patient, helpful, knowledgeable, compassionate. Helped us.     -L

Linda- She’s always very courteous, professional and services the people in the watching area very promptly.     -R

Edward- Excellent service- love Edward’s dedication- solved a problem with my Lexus, no charge!     -S

Linda- She greeted me when I came in. Very personable and I enjoyed visiting with such a nice lady. A great asset to Street Toyota!     -K

Lionel- He did an outstanding job helping me today, Thanks!!!     -T

J.R.- Give this employee a raise. He made me feel at home!     -C

Maria- Great Job! Did her best helping me with the service I was getting on my Lexus. Can’t say enough about her. Many Thanks!     -S

Atlee- Atlee was amazing. Staff was great. Said it would be 1 hour and was 59 minutes. I will be back. Thank you.     -Ananymous

Tiana- This is the cleanest restroom I have been in in a long time!     -L

J.R.- As I was coming into the store I felt my blood sugar drop to the point where I was in a bad position. When explaining my situation, J.R. was quick to get me what I needed to get to feeling better.     -Anonymous

Linda- Linda is what makes Street Toyota “Best of Amarillo”. She makes waiting a pleasure. I give her a “far exceeds.”     ​​​​​​​-L

Linda- She is one of the best, you have a number of people that are very nice but Linda is one of the best.     -R

Javan– I am so used to doing business with him to where I was lost when he left.  Well I called him and he was not available. He called me back and I asked that he get my things ready for me and all I had to do is pay. I am in a big hurry because I have to get home to my brother who suffered a stroke.  Javan is my hero.     ​​​​​​​​-F

DerrickCourteous, knowledgeable, easy to work with.     ​​​-C

Mariah Sweet – Courteous-helpful-cheerful.    ​​​​-C

Derek/Victor– Just being so nice and helpful​     -V

Sallie– For keeping the restroom so clean.    ​-V

Brian– Thanks for giving me good service today. You helped me so much and made me feel like Street Toyota is helping me have a good car experience. Thanks again Brian.    ​-S

Victor– Very nice and had a smile on his face as he spoke to me     ​​-D

Linda– Linda is wonderful as a greeter. She makes you feel good. Very kind. She would be a great teacher.​​     -D

Linda– She is very kind, warm and attentive as we waited for our cars to finish getting worked on. She has a servant heart and made me feel cared for at Street.    ​-A

Edward– Edward Is always so helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks for having him here. He is a tribute to your service.​​     -J

Linda– Was very welcoming to ALL not just a few select, and showed concernon people’s needs as well. Offered beverages etc to all. Was vigilant especially to those she knew had been there longer than most. Thank you. I’ve been with Toyota since 2009 and this service is part of what keeps me coming back.     -S

Derrick/Shane– Derrick was eager to get my 4Runner repaired. He took me back to meet Shane, who showed me the issues with my 4Runner. Both were very nice to me and took good care of my vehicle.​​      -T

Linda– Her service in the waiting area was wonderful. She was very gracious and helpful. She made my wait very nice.     ​​-J

T.J.– He is the bomb! Takes such great care of me and my car! Always has!     ​​-D

Lionel– He is consistently professional, friendly and follows through with what he says he will do. Neat appearance always. I have been at Toyota many times and I see him go over and beyond for his customers. He makes sure every little detail is addressed and complete. All of this adds up to a terrific Toyota role model of an employee!!      ​​-P

Linda– Everyone here in the service department is always friendly and cheerful​​     -M

LindaI love Toyota care hospitality. I have had Mazda and Ford vehicles and nothing compares to the service provided at Street Toyota.     ​​-S

Enrique​- Our overhead door broke on a busy Saturday and Enrique fixed it. He saved us at least $200 and a whole lot of grief.​​     -J

Dustin– Mr. Tebo was extremely helpful. Very compassionate throughout the entire process. He stayed after hours and worked through lunch to get an approval for me. He certainly went above and beyond the job requirements. He made this experience very enjoyable.      ​​-E

Edward​- He was wonderful, found the noise in the door. Great to work with, super employee.     ​-R

Rebecca- She helped explain the Toyota Care Plus to me in  a clear and helpful manner.     ​-J

Greg– Greg has been our salesman for our four Toyota’s. He is always pleasant, extremely helpful and totally professional. He is always willing to help us with every question we have. Kudos to you Greg!     ​-B & B

Zak– Zak has been assisting us with service on three cars (2 Toyotas and a Miata). He is always pleasant and professional. He takes time to explain everything. He also helps me when I need yet another lesson on my many features of our cars. Kudos to Zak.​​-B&B

Larry– Larry has been taking excellent care of our vehicles for several years. He does an awesome job- professional and efficient. We are grateful for his abilities in Toyota service! Kudos to Larry!

Linda– She made sure I got whatever I needed and kept a check on things for me. You have the nicest folks.    ​-C

Mariah– I left my phone and credit cards in the bathroom. She kept them safe and got them back to me quickly.​​     -L

Linda- Very welcoming, warm, exceptional customer service; she went above and beyond to suggest to us places of interest to visit in your beautiful city and even called to make sure they’re open.  Great Lady.​​​     -B

Linda- Itis nice to be greeted with a smile.  That does not happen at a lot of places today.  She greets you with a smile and makes sure you have the refreshments you want or need.  I know a lot of the younger generation that could learn a lot from Linda.​​​​​​​​     -K

“Andrew Spring I called concerned that a repair was not done correctly. The Service Manager sent Andrew out to my home to double check my oil level. It was fine. Andrew was professional, courteous and restored my trust in Street Toyota. Great Job Andrew.”


“Edward Jordan Always takes care of the family and I. Thanks Edward!”     -C

Linda “Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful!! She made my week. So loving, careful (if that is the word)  She took care of everyone that came in!! Most accommodating person I have ever met.  Thank you for employing her.          – W

Lionel “Patient and thorough with me and careful to make sure all my needs and concerns were met with satisfaction.  Great customer experience today!!    – W

Rebekah “Very personable and considerate.  Pleasant and concerned that I was pleased with my service.     -W


Dear Mike,

I never had the pleasure of meeting you, but would like to tell you how pleased I am with your service department! Here is the reason why:

Around noon on July 14 during our road trip from Houston to Utah my daughters Toyota Sequoia regulator went out and since we did not want to take the risk of burning up the computer with unregulated current, we decided it needed to be fixed in Amarillo. With only half a day left and the replacement taking 4 hours, we frantically started looking for some one that could get it done before the end of the day. My daughter was convinced that Toyota dealer was the last place she wanted to take the car due to a high cost of labor, etc. I too had my doubts but thought who better than a Toyota Dealer who works on Toyota’s all the time to get the job done quickly and efficiently. So after a few phone calls to 3rd party mechanics, I called Street Toyota and talked with John Tait and explained our predicament. He gave me a quote and said he would stick to it and promised he would get us back on the road by 6 pm. AND HE DID. I couldn’t find John to thank him in person after my daughter got her car back (although she said she was able too when she picked up the car while I was watching my 4 grandchildren). Please thank him for me. John has rekindled my desire to use more Toyota dealership service departments in the future.

Thank you so much for your excellent and HONEST service.


Perry Dobson