Why Toyota Safety Sense Technology is Worth It

June 20th, 2017 by

A white car's Toyota Safety Sense Pre-Collision System functioning with a black car in front of it.


We all want to be safe on the road, but are the car safety packages worth the upgrade? When it comes to Toyota Safety Sense™, the New England Motor Press Association (NEMPA) certainly thinks so. In 2016, NEMPA honored the Toyota Safety Sense™ P (TSS-P) package with the Yankee Cup Technology Award.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering three things:

  1. What features does TSS-P have?
  2. What is the NEMPA’s Yankee Cup Technology Award?
  3. What is up with all these acronyms?

We have answers to the first two questions. The third remains a mystery.

How Toyota Safety Sense™ P Won the Yankee Cup Technology Award

TSS-P Features

Let’s first take a look at the TSS-P’s key features:

  • Pre-collision system with pedestrian detection function: This system uses an in-vehicle camera and a front-grille mounted radar to help detect vehicles and pedestrians in front of your car. When the system detects a vehicle or pedestrian, it will alert the driver to take action to avoid a collision. It can also operate automatic braking or reduce vehicle speed for potential crashes.
  • Lane departure alert with steering assist function: The in-vehicle camera can detect white and yellow lane markers and determine the car’s position on the road accordingly. When the camera notes the vehicle is moving outside of the markers unintentionally, it will alert the driver. The steering assist function will make small corrective steering inputs if the car appears to be deviating from the lane.
  • Dynamic radar cruise control: While driving on a highway, this feature will allow the driver to set a constant speed for the vehicle. The “dynamic radar” comes into play by using the front-grille mounted radar to determine the distance between vehicles on the road. It will then adjust the pre-set speed if the vehicle in front is traveling at a lower speed. The vehicle will then accelerate steadily to the pre-set speed again when it is able.

NEMPA’s Yankee Cup Technology Award

This award signifies that the TSS-P make the vehicle’s driver safer in a significant way. The winner is chosen by a vote of the members of NEMPA, with input from experts at MIT, the Larz Anderson Auto Museum and Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

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